When you acquire a new piano, you will expect your instrument to last you many years. And to help maintain the value and performance of your investment over time, you would be well advised to think about possible future restoration work. You would not allow yourself to fall into the trap of simply “getting a good deal” – buying something cheap from people who are interested more in short-term profits than long-term customer satisfaction.

When you visit us, we’ll be pleased to show you around our different workshops – where restoration work is constantly in progress. Our craftsmen will provide you with clear and detailed explanations and will give you conscientious advice as to the possible work you might need to do on your family instrument. We aim to give you complete satisfaction and best value for money.

Apart from the technical aspects, you might want to think about something “closer to home” : a piece of furniture! It is quite possible that your instrument might need to be completely renovated by stripping the varnish, sanding, staining, revarnishing and polishing, or perhaps various cabinet repairs – mouldings, veneers, etc. Or there again, you might even want a completely different look: why not pink? Or maybe almond green? Just talk to our paint expert.