We have adapted our services to our customers’ different musical needs. Whether the instrument is for a child beginner, an adult returning to the piano after some years, or perhaps an adult beginner, or maybe a confirmed adult pianist moving home frequently and preferring to rent rather than purchase.

We can offer then different solutions that correspond to your needs, through different types of rental:

Simple Rental
This formula is often suitable for a child who wants to start learning the piano. The rental period is open-ended: you simply pay for the time you keep the instrument. The monthly cost can range from 39 Euros for an entry-level instrument through to several hundred Euros for a used grand piano of a well-known make. The rental fee is due three months in advance and transport costs both ways are payable by the customer (see Conditions).

We ask for a deposit as a guarantee against the value of the piano. This may be in the form of a cheque or promissory note. This is returned uncashed, upon the safe return of the instrument.

Since our rental stock is limited, the instruments available may vary for any given period. However, the best choice is from mid-July to mid-September. And when you wish to return your instrument, all you have to do is phone us.

The piano must be tuned two months after delivery. This is due to transport, temperature changes, and relative humidity. From then on, it must be tuned at least once a year. This is written into the contract and enables us to monitor the instrument and ensure its musicality throughout your rental period.

Please contact us for more details.